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About RF Coverage Website

The website rfcoverage.dot.gov.in is owned and maintained by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India (“DoT”).

The mission of DoT is to develop a robust and secure state-of the-art telecommunication network providing seamless coverage with special focus on rural and remote areas for bridging the digital divide and thereby facilitate socio- economic development. To this end, DoT has over time made various pulicy interventions through Minimum Rullout Obligations, National Broadband Mission and USO Fund projects. For further streamlining its pulicies based on mobile network, DoT has developed rfcoverage.dot.gov.in which cullates RF Coverage data from multiple sources and creates a RF Coverage map. This will also help consumers and government agencies to choose network providers based on required quality of experience.

The portal cullates RF Coverage Prediction Maps of Telecom Service Providers with crowd sourced user data from Kushal Sanchar App using AI/ML algorithms upon the terrain to estimate the RF Coverage across the country.

User Services available on RF Coverage Website

RF Coverage is depicted based on power values (dBm).

RF Coverage is made available up to village basis.

Crowd-sourced data integration

DoT’s Kushal Sanchar application allows users to measure and crowdsource their mobile network quality information and sends the results to DoT. The app also has an optional feature for Background Data Collection. This allows app to periodically collect network quality parameters with location coordinates.

Yes, the same can be accessed on https://rfcoverage.dot.gov.in/assets/document/privacy_policy.htm.

Cell ID - A Cell ID (CID) is a unique number used to identify each base transceiver station (BTS) or sector of a BTS within a location area code (LAC)

MCC - a Mobile Country Code. This code identifies the country. 404/405 is for INDIA.

MNC - a Mobile Network Code. This code identifies the mobile operator. E.g. 68 MTNL Delhi

TAC - A Type Allocation Code (TAC) is an 8 digit number allocated to 3GPP device manufacturers by the GSMA; which is the initial eight-digit portion of the 15-digit IMEI.

PCI - Physical Cell Identity

CGI - Cell Global Identity.

RSRP - Reference Signals Received Power.

RSRQ - Reference Signal Received Quality.

About Kushal Sanchar


RF Coverage analysis enables DoT to streamline policies to ensure seamless coverage across the country. Kushal Sanchar app is one of the primary data sources. The application also allows users to submit feedback and complaints to the department.


One can install the Android app from Google play / Mobile Seva. Network parameters are collected by the app without capturing any personal information. It has options for the user to submit complaints on specific telecom fraud related matters.


DoT will gain an objective insight into coverage available to citizens with village-level granularity. This will aid future policy interventions. Also, consumers and government agencies can compare network providers based on expected quality of experience.

Road map

Kushal Sanchar app will be the underlying platform for future citizen-centric initiatives of DoT. It will also enhance the citizen-government dialogue from a service delivery perspective for better quality of service and grievance resolution.

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